Hyerim Shin is a Senior Industrial Designer at IDEO who cares about creating emotional connections between humans and products. Her work has received awards from Spark Design, IDEA and Pin Up, and has been published in Dezeen, Co.Design, Designboom, Frame, and other internationally recognized design magazines. She built her career focused on giving products character and bringing magical experiences surrounding the products to their users. She also focuses on pushing the limits of design by exploring abstract themes and designing beautiful products in poetic ways.
She holds a M.A in Design Products from Royal College of Art (London). At Royal College of Art, she emphasized ‘Emotionally Durable Design' through exploring an aesthetic ‘cuteness' and applied the study to her design in order to encourage affection for products with her critical thinking. After she joined IDEO, she worked on projects focused on designing emotional relationships between robots and people, and designing ways to build people's trust in new tech products.
Before IDEO, she had a background in Consumer Electronics design from her experience at McKinsey & Company (San Francisco), Pantech (Seoul), LG Electronics (Seoul), and Design MU (Seoul). Her experience in East Asia, Europe, and North America give her a unique perspective on understand the global design market.

IDEO San Francisco 
Senior Industrial Designer
Royal College of Art 
MA Design Products
Platform 25 : Design As Catalyst

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